Group exercises

General group fitness exercises are designed to improve body function. They are performed as free exercises or with equipment (balls, jumping ropes, Thera band), on instruments (ladders, mats, balls).

The class is designed for people with chronic back ailments and pain, as well as those who want to take preventive care of their spine.


  • weakened muscle strength and endurance;
  • Limited range of motion in the joints;
  • Impaired balance and motor coordination;
  • Correcting faulty posture.


  • febrile condition;
  • The need for absolute immobilization of body parts;
  • strong pain sensations;
  • Acute inflammation of joints and periarticular tissues;
  • Patients immediately after injury or surgery;
  • Significant circulatory and respiratory failure;
  • Thrombophlebitis and the threat of embolism;
  • Unstable or generally severe condition of the patient.
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