Light therapy

Sollux – light therapy

A light therapy treatment that uses infrared radiation and visible radiation.
We use two filters in the sollux lamp, depending on the intended therapeutic effect.

Red filter:

Used in inflammation of soft tissues, skin injuries, hard-to-heal wounds, pains of muscular origin, reduces muscle tension, accelerates absorption of exudates, neutralizes the effect of ultraviolet rays in case of their overdose.

Blue filter:

It has analgesic and sedative effects, and constricts the blood vessels. It is used in neuralgia, post-traumatic conditions, frostbite, hypersensitivity and vasomotor disorders.


  • chronic and subacute inflammation of soft tissues
  • Chronic and subacute inflammation of joints and periarticular tissues
  • hard-to-heal wounds and skin damage
  • neuralgia
  • myalgia
  • conditions after injuries to the musculoskeletal system
  • frostbite
  • hypersensitivity
  • burns from an overdose of ultraviolet rays or X-rays


  • acute inflammation of the skin and soft tissues
  • susceptibility to bleeding
  • fever
  • varicose veins
  • circulatory insufficiency
  • disorders in the blood supply to the peripheral parts of the limbs
  • active pulmonary tuberculosis
  • state of general cachexia
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