Short-wave diathermy

Diathermy is a high-frequency electromagnetic field. The main action of this treatment is to produce heat in the tissues. Short-wave diathermy causes dilation of blood vessels, improvement of blood circulation, analgesic effect, increase in the number of white blood cells, stimulation of metabolic processes and reduction of excitability of the musculoskeletal system.


  • Subacute and chronic rheumatic diseases;
  • periarthritis;
  • muscle contractures;
  • Chronic salivary gland inflammation and chronic diseases of the sinuses, ear and nasopharynx;
  • bronchial dilatation;
  • frostbite;
  • states after pyelonephritis;
  • mandibular arthritis;
  • Overloading of the joints of the spine and limbs;
  • Prostatitis in remission;
  • states after inflammation of the ovaries and reproductive tract.


Terapuls is based on a pulsed high-frequency magnetic field. The purpose of introducing this type of treatment was to reduce (compared to short-wave diathermy) the heat effect. The treatment has analgesic, anti-edema and anti-inflammatory effects.


  • periarthritis;
  • states after surgical procedures and soft tissue injuries;
  • fractures;
  • Hard-to-heal wounds, trophic ulcers and frostbite;
  • peripheral circulation disorders;
  • Chronic and subacute diseases of the sinuses, ear and nasopharynx;
  • Chronic inflammation of the appendages and prostate gland.


  • pregnancy;
  • implanted pacemaker;
  • bleeding;
  • purulent inflammation;
  • Cancerous conditions for up to 5 years after their cure;
  • Infectious and rheumatic diseases in exacerbation.
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