Treatment of overweight and obesity

We offer you an Obesity Treatment Program, based on Swiss models.

The program emphasizes changing eating habits and exercise.

Our program is distinguished by:

  • small groups
  • Up to 15 kg in 3 months
  • The option to buy monthly passes for physiofitness exercises alone

The program includes:

1. laboratory tests

* Lipidogram (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, Non-HDL cholesterol), TSH, uric acid, glucose load test, fasting insulin).

2. medical consultations

  • Diagnosis and treatment of somatic diseases that can cause overweight or obesity
  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of somatic diseases that may be a consequence of overweight/obesity, or whose course may be aggravated by weight problems
  • Adapting dietary recommendations to the patient’s overall health status and the medications he or she is taking – in order to create a safe and effective weight loss program
  • Pharmacological support for the treatment of overweight/obesity
  • Analysis of potential causes of overweight/obesity due to drugs patients receive
  • The package includes two consultations, at the beginning and after three months.

3. dietary consultations

  • Detailed analysis of lifestyle and eating habits
  • Monitor adherence to recommendations and motivate compliance with them
  • The package includes seven dietary meetings
  • Preparation and detailed discussion of the monthly menu and diet ( including: introduction of new recipes and assistance in the introduction of products that are missing) according to the patient’s taste preferences and the physical activity carried out (option paid additionally PLN 100)
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