Stress-relieving exercises

These exercises involve the independent performance of movements in the joints with the relief of the exercised part of the body under conditions of reduction or even elimination of the influence of gravitational force on a specific part of the body, in the largest possible painless range of motion .

These exercises are performed in the UGUL, or Universal Healing Improvement Department. They counteract muscle atrophy, prevent contractures in joints, increase the range of motion in a given joint, and increase muscle strength.

Treatment time: 15-30 minutes
Treatment cycle includes: 10-20 treatments


  • Limitations of mobility in the joints;
  • incomplete bone fusion;
  • degenerative changes in the joints;
  • atrophy and significant muscle weakness
  • conditions after immobilization;
  • pain syndromes in the musculoskeletal system;


  • Fractures, post-traumatic conditions;
  • Hypertension (above 100/160).
  • inflammatory conditions of veins;
  • Acute inflammation of the joints;
  • states after dislocation;
  • temperature above 38°C
  • Violated continuity of skin and soft tissues;
  • The occurrence of pain during exercise;
  • general serious condition of the patient
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